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AERORESCUE Anatomic Head Immobiliser

AERORESCUE Anatomic Head Immobiliser

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The AERORESCUE Anatomic Head Immobilizer is a top-tier tool crafted for the professional management of head and neck immobilization in emergency scenarios. Crafted from high-density foam, it boasts a waterproof plastic coating resistant to bacterial growth and bodily fluids. This immobilizer stands out with its adjustable head straps, sizable ear apertures for convenient access, and compatibility with trek backboards and scoop stretchers.

Moreover, it poses minimal interference with X-ray, MRI, or CT scanning procedures, featuring X-ray translucency and compatibility with CT/MRI scans. Each unit comprises a base plate equipped with retention straps, two support pads, and dual forehead/chin straps, all secured with Velcro fastening strips for effortless attachment. It guarantees both the safety and comfort of patients in emergency situations.

Product Features:

  • High-density foam construction with waterproof, non-absorbent coating
  • X-ray translucent
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Compatible with trek backboards and scoop stretchers
  • Base plate with retention straps
  • Two support pads
  • Two forehead/chin straps for immobilization
  • Large ear holes for easy access
  • Velcro fastening strips.


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